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Skill development programme

Supported by: Krishan Foundation

Skill Development (Kaushal Vikash Kendra)

Bihar Industries Association (BIA) is committed to supporting skill development by offering a free-of-cost program aimed at empowering economically disadvantaged individuals without access to computers. This initiative targets financially constrained students eager to learn computer skills and explore opportunities in the field. The program not only provides essential computer education but also serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, equipping participants with valuable skills for the digital age. BIA’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and education underscores its role in uplifting the community and promoting accessibility in the realm of skill development.

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Need of Computer literacy and Skill development

Computers have become essential in our lives, revolutionizing various fields. Their ability to store and manage vast data securely has transformed how we function daily. Computer education is now a necessity, enabling us to grasp basic operations and applications, forming the foundation of computer literacy.

Beyond their basic functions, computers serve as crucial tools for entertainment and communication. They enable global connectivity and information retrieval, necessitating computer education for leveraging their vast applications worldwide.

Proficiency in computer skills like networking or programming enhances job prospects in today’s computer-dependent businesses. This education streamlines operations, expedites transactions, and reduces reliance on paper documentation. Additionally, computers serve as integral tools for gaming, media, and online shopping, enhancing global entertainment opportunities.


  1.  Male/Female of BPL, Economically Weaker Section of People, SC & ST of targeted slums who are in need of some basic skill to become productive and creative.
  2. People of these Community lack skill to become productive as well as creative. After the training these people can get job and financially become self-sufficient.


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